Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Harry Judd Magazine Cover

I like this cover as it is smart, sophisticated and simple. the phrase 'less is more' comes to mind. but for my magazine i think my cover will be more colourful, busy and loud. this could be to represent the atmosphere of a concert/gig with different costumes, volume, dancing/moshing and the busy energetic crowd. this would catch my audiences eye and with more than one band name and face that they recognize on the front, it will encourage them to buy it and read on. it also would appeal to everyone  as it may include bands that some don't like, but also bands that they do like, so including all of them would cater to everyone's taste. The colour palette in this cover is quite dark and boring so the opposite will be used n my cover.

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  1. This is more like it Emily, try and add something similar to previous posts to show the influence of research on your planning.