Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Draft Cover so far..

this is my draft cover, i'm not too sure what writing to add, what font to use, or whether to add any at all. What annoys me is that her eyes and hair are out of focus, so i need to bare that in mind for my final photo. George couldn't make it for the photo shoot, so i have used daisy. I think she fits the genre well with her hair, make up and fashion sense, and is photogenic. I have dressed her in a 'Drop Dead' T-shirt, a clothing line made by the lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon, who my target audience would recognize.


  1. The eyes and hair will make a huge difference to this, great composition and very good model but the eyes need more intensity and the hair needs tamining so those rogue hairs don't distract.

    A font similar to that used on the t-shirt would work on the cover.

  2. yeah i noticed, but i know for next time, maybe a manual focus would be better? i don't know i'll try some stuff out thanks sir